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Download Base Package File (approximately 7MEG)
(To access the global data files, download the all of the files noted in the yellow "Download" boxes below.  Save the "Base Package File" to a location on your PC that you can find again.  Save the four "Zipped" data files to your PC and unzip each of them to a file folder that you create on your "C" drive titled "FactBook_all"  The folder title must have the exact title FactBook_all and must be located on your "C" drive in order to work.  Finally, go to <http://globalmapper.com/> and download and install their unlimited trial software.  Once the Global Mapper software is installed, open the "Base Package File" and you should be good to explore the world. Simply click the white "i" icon on the top menu bar and then click on the country or city of interest in order to explore the various links using using a right-mouse click.  Under the "File" menu you can add SRTM topographic and bathymetric data, imagery, etc.)
Download Zipped Data File 1 (~30MEG)
Download Zipped Data File 2 (~65MEG)
Download Zipped Data File 3 (~67MEG)
Download Zipped Data File 4 (~69MEG)
Download Global Mapper Software (~30MEG)